Time-Delay Rover Simulation

 Can you successfully navigate a rover on another planet?

Rover Camera
One-way Video Delay


Target Distance One-Way Delay
Geo-Satellite ~36,000 km 0.12 seconds
Earth-Moon 384,000 km 1.3 seconds
Earth-Mars 55 - 378 million km 3 - 21 mins
Earth-Jupiter 590 - 970 million km 33 - 53 mins
Earth-Pluto ~5,800 million km 5 hours
Earth-Nearest Star ~9.5 million million km 4 years

Enter the IMAGE URL of your webcam here:

This page works with any Webcam that returns an IMAGE via a specific URL. The script makes a request every hundred milliseconds or so to this, to simulate a live video feed -- but delays displaying the image for delay specified by the slider.

For our rover camera, we used an iPhone running Videography. The URL to enter is then: http://<Videography IP>/service/camera/image

Any webcam app that supports CORS requests should work. See README.